There is this notion out there that suiting as a whole ought to cost large sums of money, and even more so when we leave the realm of RTW (ready-to-wear) and indulge in MTM (made-to-measure) as well as bespoke. Here at The Dapper Gentleman, we say "not so".



Suits - Starting at $550

Sportcoats - Starting at $400

Trousers - Starting at $200

Waistcoats - Starting at $150

Dress Shirts - Starting at $200


Custom Options

At The Dapper Gentleman, we pride ourselves on giving you options that are even beyond the choices that we initially offer. For those with particular tastes and an inclination to luxury details, there are quite a few options available.

Authentic horn buttons, custom linings (we can use high quality images that you give us to create a lining), and handmade buttonholes are just a few of the further options that we carry. Yes, they are given at an additional cost, but rest assured that you won't regret these options in the slightest.



*Prices are subject to change based on factors such as chosen fabrics, suit construction, and body measurements.