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Style Tips - What tie knot goes with my collar?

Many men may not realize this, but what tie knot you decide to use for your shirt collar is absolutely crucial to your look! When paired correctly, your face and all your best features will be highlighted. We know it can be tricky to decide what tie knot goes with certain shirt collars so we decided to give you a basic guide on tie knot and shirt collar pairings.  

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The Dapper Gentleman and Azuro Republic: A Collaboration Like No Other

Azuro Republic’s continued testament to quality, equality and creativity is the very reason The Dapper Gentleman found the collaboration to be a perfect match. Our missions align in bringing our wearers an elevated level of confidence whether it’s during a special night out, formal events or stepping into work. The Dapper Gentleman’s customized and tailored suits in combination with Azuro Republic jewelry make for an unmatched ensemble.

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