Style Tips - What tie knot goes with my collar?


Gentlemen, is there any better feeling than finding the perfect shirt and tie? Having a well-fitted and high-quality shirt completely changes the game. Once you invest, you’ll never go back. And of course, you need the perfect tie to go with.


Imagine this: You’re getting ready for date night and you are so excited to wear your new shirt and tie. You get dressed, grab your tie, and realize you have absolutely no idea what tie knot to use. If you choose the right one, you’ll be looking incredibly dapper. However, if you use poor judgement, you risk looking sloppy.


Many men may not realize this, but what tie knot you decide to use for your shirt collar is absolutely crucial to your look! When paired correctly, your face and all your best features will be highlighted. We know it can be tricky to decide what tie knot goes with certain shirt collars so we decided to give you a basic guide on tie knot and shirt collar pairings.


If you have a slim face…


You’ll want to shift the focus from the narrowness of your face and instead, try and make yourself appear broader. To accomplish this, a spread collar, which is distinguished by having ample space between the collar points, is your best bet. When wearing a shirt with a spread collar, try a Half or Full Windsor knot. This type of full-body knot will highlight the broadness of your outfit. Plus, you will be ready for anything with a Half or Full Windsor knot! Whether it is a job interview or a wedding, you will be impeccably dressed.


If you have a rounder face…


You may want to try a point collar. This collar is the most conventional and can be found on the majority of men’s shirts. For those with a rounder face, you’ll want to try and avoid horizontal lines. A point collar shirt will help place emphasis from top to bottom and create the illusion of a slimmer frame. When wearing a point collar shirt, a Four in Hand knot is best. This knot will help lengthen your face. However, a Four in Hand knot may not be appropriate for all occasions. If you need to look extra dapper, a Half Windsor Knot will work as well.


If you have an oval face…


Well, aren’t you lucky! Those with an oval face have the most flexibility when it comes to choosing a style of collar. We recommend a medium or wide spread collar, though. For a medium spread collar, try a Four in Hand knot or a Half Windsor knot. If you’re going with a full spread collar, we suggest using the Half Windsor or Full Windsor knot.


Other things to consider…


Although face shape is very important when considering which tie knot to pair with your shirt, you should be keeping some other things in mind. For example, larger knots will always look more professional. If you have an important meeting coming up, you may want to opt for one, regardless of your face shape. On the other hand, if you are out grabbing drinks with colleagues on a Friday, a large knot is definitely not necessary.


Also, you’ll want to keep the fabric of the tie in mind. For example, if you are wearing a silk tie, a knot such as the Four in Hand would look excellent. However, for thicker materials such as wool, a Half or Full Windsor knot would look much better.


Hopefully, you are now ready to pair your tie knots and collars like a professional! Remember, practice makes perfect and most importantly, don’t be afraid to experiment and be you.


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