Movie Review Mondays: Robin and the 7 Hoods


To spice things up, and to keep a sense of consistency going throughout these blog posts, Movie Review Mondays may very well be the newest (hopefully permanent) addition as it concerns our contribution to you, our lovely viewers.


*cue S1:E1*


Cheers, lovely people! Let’s talk about The Dapper Gentleman for a second, shall we? TDG was founded in 2019 by Nicholas Russell (more commonly known as…me), and serves as a hub for helping men and women reach the height of their personal style with designs that they have in their heads. Inspiration is everywhere, especially concerning fashion and style. From the center of different cities, to the things we see via social media, there’s always that one thing that can change the course of your life and give you that “AHA” moment. For me it was a movie called “Robin and the 7 Hoods”. It’s a flick that was released before my time (1964, to be exact) and featured entertainers such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., and Bing Crosby.


Robin and the 7 Hoods is the Rat Pack’s (remember them?) edition of the tale of Robin Hood. It starts off with the birthday party and subsequent murder of “Big Jim”, the leader of the crime underworld of Chicago, played by Edward G. Robinson. Guy Gisborne, Jim’s lieutenant and one of his murder masterminds, takes power of the underworld and makes big changes that impact all involved. This is much to the disapproval of Robbo, played by Frank Sinatra, because he saw Big Jim as a father-figure. It essentially becomes Robbo and his crew vs. the rest of the Chicago crime syndicate in a Kinda-Good-Versus-Definitely-Bad battle where the loser gets shut down and/or killed or locked up. I won’t spoil too much because if you’re into fashion, I implore you to give this one a watch!


My opinion is simply this; the style throughout this movie is absolutely extraordinary, to say the least. Let’s take a look at some of the outfits that were on display throughout the movie. (In no particular order.)



This is the Blu-ray cover of the movie. From left to right you have Dean Martin (Little John), Frank Sinatra (Robbo), Sammy Davis, Jr. (Will), and Bing Crosby (Allen A. Dale). One thing that these gentleman all have in common is headwear. The most common for this particular setting is the fedora, which is a hat with a soft brim and an indent at the top. Judging by the picture, we’re looking at perhaps an 8-9 cm lapel on these jackets, and what seems to be a fascination with white pocket squares. I love the way that these gents tastefully match the fedoras to each of their ensembles without making it look like everything came from the mall on one hanger.



Pictured from left to right; Peter Falk (Guy Gisborne), Robert Foulk (Sherriff Glick), and Victor Buono (Sherriff Potts). What I love here is that the “traditional” rule concerning vests only belonging with single breasted jackets gets debunked in the smoothest way possible. A 3-piece, navy pinstripe suit with a double breasted jacket and a single breasted vest. Absolute perfection. The pattern matching is quite remarkable as well. The subtle strips of Falk’s suit, the bold stripes on the tie, and the plain pink dress shirt all come together in a beautiful marriage of fabrics that you may very well see me attempting to try out myself!


Let’s do one more. One of my absolute favorite looks goes to:


The infamous Allen A. Dale makeover. When Allen came to the Hoods, he was well dressed in all honesty. He just never had the time to really purge his closet, and it indeed showed. During this scene, a song was playing that contained the words “you’ve either got, or you haven’t got style”. I must say I believe these words. You can really tell who takes time to choose what they’ll be wearing as opposed to those who just throw things on for the sake of going outside. Style may not be something one has from the womb, BUT it’s definitely possible to build your own unique, 1-of-1 way of dressing.

Let’s talk about the ensemble quickly; the classic tuxedo ensemble is always one I admire and, for the most part, these gentlemen followed the rules to a tee. Pictured hear are Martin (left, in a single-breasted jacket, Crosby, and Sinatra (middle and right, both in double-breasted jackets). They all have a satin stripe along the pant legs to go with the satin on those beautiful, wide lapels, black bowties, and displays of white in the dress shirt, boutonniere, and pocket square.

I’m in no position to rate movies, but I’d go for a strong 8.5 out of 10. It would get a full 10 but I don’t want to seem too biased just yet. Just know that the Rat Pack is partially responsible for the website that you’re currently on.

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