Movie Review Mondays: Murder on the Orient Express

Now there are definitely a few movie recommendations that I still have up my sleeve, but I literally stopped about 5 minutes into what would’ve been today’s movie because I remembered that I had this gem. Yes, today is indeed Tuesday which would technically make this MRT instead of MRM but I do indeed beg your pardon on account of it being Family Day where I live here in Canada as well as the fact that I do indeed like my family. Let’s get down to business, shall we?
 *Cue S1:E3*
The movie “Murder on the Orient Express” (1974) covers the experiences of numerous characters, from a car salesman to royalty, who are caught in the midst of a quite interesting crime scene that claims the life of one of their fellow passengers; a man by the name of Samuel Ratchett. Ratchett is – well, was – a “business man” taking the Orient Express to handle some dealings and ends up getting killed during the course of the night. Luckily, Hercule Poirot, the world-renowned detective is on that same train in an effort to solve a case in London along the way. I won’t spoil it too much since it’s a movie that I, as always, recommend that you watch BUT it turns out that the murder was a group effort and that Ratchett isn’t as clean as one might think.
Let’s get into these outfits, shall we? Mind you, this move was set in the mid 1930’s – a time when trousers were made to sit at the true waist (at the belly button). It elongates the leg-line and causes the wearer to look taller, particularly with a vest.
Murder on the Orient Express - Ratchett
Here is Mr. Ratchett (played by Richard Widmark) in a beautiful pinstriped, double-breasted suit. I’m leaning toward navy, given the lighting as the camera switches. Nevertheless, the details are impeccable. The super-wide lapels are definitely an eye-catcher. With a simple, white, French-cuffed shirt complete with an interesting plaid design on the tie. Take note to the simplicity of his silver cufflinks, which add more attention to the suit itself.
Murder on the Orient Express - Arbuthnot
Next (and finally, in the name of encouraging you to see this remarkable film) is Col. John Arbuthnot, who is played by the legendary Sean Connery, the film icon who unfortunately passed away just a few months back. This tweed hound’s-tooth design is absolutely impeccable. With a beautifully simple (and simply beautiful) pin-collar shirt and a play on patterns with a striped tie, Col. Arbuthnot’s outfit can do no wrong, even though he has!
Now, let's review...
Wardrobe: wonderful.
Storyline: stellar.
Scenery: scintillating (shout out to Big Shaq).
This gets an 8/10 from me.
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Talk soon! Stay Dapper!
Nicholas A. Russell